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The car boot sales

Posted in Accessories on May 29, 2010 by auburn ninja

The car boot sales is a great place to get cheap vintage clothing and its so cheap you can improve them by shredding them ect.

My friend Bella who is vintage crazy owns her own website and sells some vintage clothing and accessories they are very nice and look gorgeous and Bella often  improves the clothes she buys so they will look beautiful.

Bella’s website is called: so please go on it and look 🙂 luv ya


Handbag dogs

Posted in Accessories on April 16, 2010 by auburn ninja

Everybody knows Paris Hilton and other celebrities carry there dogs in handbags, well i don’t think thats right dogs are made for running around and having fun. They are not made for sitting in a woman’s purse……..

but there is another animal which would enjoy sitting in a woman’s purse all day long and its a Fat cat. I must admit it would be very heavy, but think about all those muscles your be gaining from lugging a fat cat around town, and the cat would be very content. I think all women should be lugging a fat cat around in there purses, and it would be much better for dogs, so they can run around more. So next time you don’t know what to carry in your handbag, shove a fat cat in it, and you’ll be the most stylish girl around.  

Fake bake

Posted in Accessories on April 14, 2010 by auburn ninja
The sun has just finished hibernating and that means winter has officially gone, so get your bikinis out and enjoy melting in the suns rays like a lolly pop.
Now some people are naturally born tanners but if you are pale skinned like me and you want a tan ill give you two words FAKE TAN, sorry but paled skinned people don’t get tans unless you lie in the sun for hours on end, but there’s a big risk of getting burned. Luckily there are some good fake tans out there like Fake bake, its UK’s number one fake tan.


Posted in Accessories on April 14, 2010 by auburn ninja

Summer is coming up so quickly so every one needs to prepare by buying some new things, like glasses. on Prada’s website they have a lush pair of glasses. They have a sixties style frame and the colour is ivory, they have brown lenses and on the side they have there logo in gold metal. They cost an ok price of £190 pounds and that’s good for Prada and everyone will be jealous of your beautiful new Prada glasses.