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The car boot sales

Posted in Accessories on May 29, 2010 by auburn ninja

The car boot sales is a great place to get cheap vintage clothing and its so cheap you can improve them by shredding them ect.

My friend Bella who is vintage crazy owns her own website and sells some vintage clothing and accessories they are very nice and look gorgeous and Bella often  improves the clothes she buys so they will look beautiful.

Bella’s website is called: so please go on it and look 🙂 luv ya



Posted in the stars on May 8, 2010 by auburn ninja

Evanescence is a really good band and they have some good songs like Bring me to life. Personally i love the song bring me to life , when searching through you tube  i found some really good songs and i cant stop watching them.

this song is called going under.

this song is called my immortal.

this song is called call me when your sober

and everyone favourite bring me to life.

we luv you Evanescence