Crocks are like flip-flops but they cover your whole foot and they have holes in them. Many people detest crocks but I like them a lot, and i think they are very good for wearing on the beach and your feet won’t sweat much because the holes let the air in. You can buy shapes, jems and characters from TV programmes to put in the holes to make your crocks beautiful.

Hot or not winter crocks. we have introduced you to crocks but now the crock company have made Winter crocks they are light colours and they are very fluffy. There have been many people saying they are rubbish and stupid but some people like me like them. What do you think Hot? or Not?


2 Responses to “Crocks”

  1. HOT OR NOT crocs are definitly not hot they are horrible and they really hurt your feet after ten mins even though everyone else would disagree x

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